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March 2017


Travel Tuesday Part 1

Best Time to Purchase Flights   On my way to Denver back in January   In the first part of my five part of traveling tips I’m going to share when the best time is to purchase flights. Believe it or not there is a certain day and even time when flight are the most affordable. For many years I’ve always used Southwest Airlines as my go to for flights because they always have appeared to be the most affordable (I hate ...

Perfect Pink Pout

In a world full of nudes, lip color that is, sometimes a pretty pink pout gives a gal the little extra boost she’s looking for. With it officially being spring this week, petal pink is the perfect lip color of the season; and I believe that it goes great with all skin types.   I’ve paired some of my favorite lippies together to create the perfect pink pout. LADIES DO NOT forget your lip primer! This is something that I ...

More Issues Than VOGUE

Some days I think I have it all together and then the next I find myself lounging in my pjs all day! Adulting is hard! Ya feel me!? But then I just have to remind myself that I can eat cake for breakfast while shopping online for unnecessary items and no one can say crap to me about it…so I guess “adulting” isn’t THAT bad.   One of my newest favorite online purchase is this t-shirt from Style Lately, cause ...