More Issues Than VOGUE

Some days I think I have it all together and then the next I find myself lounging in my pjs all day! Adulting is hard! Ya feel me!? But then I just have to remind myself that I can eat cake for breakfast while shopping online for unnecessary items and no one can say crap to me about it…so I guess “adulting” isn’t THAT bad.
One of my newest favorite online purchase is this t-shirt from Style Lately, cause lets be honest it’s pretty awesome AND true. Style Lately is a company that empowers women to BE CHIC. BE CONFIDENT, BE THE CHANGE. And they also work with a non-profit where 1 tee=11 meals to families in need. So not only did I feed my shopping addiction but I also helped those in need. If you’d like to part of the movement purchase your t-shirt HERE!!!

 Studded Flats by VICIDOLLS
Bracelets by Modern Siren
Photography: Casey Jade Photo | Hair: Emilie Rasmussen


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