Perfect Pink Pout

In a world full of nudes, lip color that is, sometimes a pretty pink pout gives a gal the little extra boost she’s looking for. With it officially being spring this week, petal pink is the perfect lip color of the season; and I believe that it goes great with all skin types.
I’ve paired some of my favorite lippies together to create the perfect pink pout. LADIES DO NOT forget your lip primer! This is something that I had no clue about and it literally changed by lipstick life! Lip primers help your lipsticks or gloss last 2-3 times longer than apply to bare lips. My go to is a lip primer from MAC.
MAC St. Germain lip stick|| Hip n Happy liner

 Younique gloss in Loveable
 MAC Lip pencil in Hip ‘N’ Happy
 MAC Lip stick in St. Germain

Please comment below on some of your favorite lip products. I love hearing about what everyone else is wearing and discovering new products!
The Bourbon Mermaid

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