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April 2017


Perfectly Posh Mini Facial

   After a long week I always look forward to my Sunday night rituals; Epsom salt bath, tranquil music…maybe a glass of wine and a nourishing facial. My “adult job” or job that pays my bills, requires me to wear make-up everyday and for atleast 9-10 hours a day. Not only is my skin suffocating from the makeup but also is affected by sweat (ewwww), sunscreen, and the blazing sun of the Las Vegas desert.  I ...

25 Random Fact’s About Me

Ayron’s 25 Random Facts     1. My middle name is Lynn   2. I was a cheerleader in middle school   3. Volleyball is my favorite sport to play   4. I don’t drink any kind of soda except soda water   5. I hate tomatoes     6. Mexican food is my weakness   7. I initially went to college to pursue a career in the medical field   8. At 19 I studied to get my real estate license   ...

Travel Tuesday Part 2

Packing Tips How to save space in your suitcase   The one thing that we all dread when it comes to preparing for a trip and traveling; packing our suitcases!!!! AAHHHHH!! With most airlines now charging fees starting anywhere from $25 per bag on up, and putting strict regulations on carry on items, leaves us to either pay the fee or pack less. As a woman who likes options in her wardrobe, especially when traveling, I can ...

Boho Chic. What’s Your Style?

Since I can remember clothing has always been a passion of mine. That’s probably why I went to design school all those years ago. An obsession for clothes and accessories eventually turned into style; my own. However, bohemian was never really one of the “styles” I usually possessed, until recently. Boho Chic is everywhere and I love EVERYTHING about it! Velvet, embroidery, bell sleeves…FRINGE! I believe that anything ...