Travel Tuesday Part 2

Packing Tips
How to save space in your suitcase
The one thing that we all dread when it comes to preparing for a trip and traveling; packing our suitcases!!!! AAHHHHH!! With most airlines now charging fees starting anywhere from $25 per bag on up, and putting strict regulations on carry on items, leaves us to either pay the fee or pack less. As a woman who likes options in her wardrobe, especially when traveling, I can not accept these rules.

While scrolling through Pinterest one afternoon, I stumbled upon this pin about packing techniques. Let’s be honest, as a child or young adult, no one teaches you how to pack. You kind of just throw, or nicely set you belongings in there and go! Or maybe that was just my childhood? Either way, I found these tips to be very useful and EASY!


(Images provided by Expedia.ca, found on Business Insider)
What are some of your packing tips and tricks that you use when traveling? Comment below!

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