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May 2017


Style Collective Podcast Launch

 Lately I’ve been hearing the term “community over competition,” especially within groups of women, and I am amazed at the new found love we, as women, have for each other now. For far too long it seemed that we had to compete with one another to get ahead; girl hating as I like to call it. I recently stumbled upon this group called Style Collective. At the time, I just followed them on Instagram and like all of their ...

Currently binging on…

You’d be surprised to know that despite my instagram posts and blog that I actually have like 3 other jobs…its exhausting!! However, when I do get down time I like to binge on Netflix and read too many books that I almost never finish until months later. Here’s a list of some of the things I am currently binging on…Reading: Self Made by Nely Galan. The title is pretty obvious as to what the book is about. ...