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You’d be surprised to know that despite my instagram posts and blog that I actually have like 3 other jobs…its exhausting!! However, when I do get down time I like to binge on Netflix and read too many books that I almost never finish until months later. Here’s a list of some of the things I am currently binging on…

Reading: Self Made by Nely Galan. The title is pretty obvious as to what the book is about. There’s a lot of beneficial and insightful tid bits for every BOSSBABE in this book.

Watching: Grace & Frankie on Netflix. If you haven’t seen this show yet you HAVE to. It’s HILARIOUS!!!! For those who have, please tell me that in some way you feel like that is going to be you and your bestie in 40 years (plus or minus the husband situation).

Listening to: Halsey. Her song was at the end of “The Huntsman” movie. I’m absolutely digging her vibe. Check her out on Amazon music (free with Prime).

Eating: vegetarian/vegan food. You’d be surprised as to how many vegetarian/vegan restaurants there are now and how DELISH the food is. One of my absolute fave places here in Las Vegas is Vegenation which can be found in the downtown area. I highly recommend checking it out if you get the chance.

Photo via Instagram @vegenation

Learning: to love myself. I have my “issues” or insecurities just like everyone else but I’m trying to focus more on loving myself and taking better care of me; mind, body, and soul. Reading “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero a while back really had a positive affect on me and I recommend that book to anyone who needs a confidence reminder.

Hearing: Nature. The wind here in Las Vegas is horrid during the Spring time. As much as it’s annoying, I like at it as blowing away the old, dusty, no longer useful things and making room for new, better things…hello SUMMERRRRR!!!!

Mt. Charleston Las Vegas, Nv 2013

Releasing: Anger and frustration. As human beings I think that we have a difficult time of letting things go even when we know that doing so would be the best thing for us. I had some challenging events happen a few months ago and I’m learning to accept that being angry and holding on to it is only hurting me. So release it and let it go.

Embracing: change. I recently took on a new part time job, one of the 3 or 4 that I have, that will help further my career in the Fashion industry. Finally get to put that  SUPER expensive college degree to some good use!

Feeling: gratitude. Realizing that I should be, and am thankful for all of the great things that I have in my life; family, friends, material items, and my health.

Loving: discovering that if you ask for what you want, the universe will manifest it for you. But obviously not with out a little bit of work and positivity.

What are some of the things that you are currently doing? I’d love to hear about it. I’m always looking for great recommendations on books, shows, and music.

The Bourbon Mermaid

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