Style Collective Podcast Launch

Lately I’ve been hearing the term “community over competition,” especially within groups of women, and I am amazed at the new found love we, as women, have for each other now. For far too long it seemed that we had to compete with one another to get ahead; girl hating as I like to call it.

I recently stumbled upon this group called Style Collective. At the time, I just followed them on Instagram and like all of their photos. It wasn’t until they posted about growing your Instagram following and being part of a community that I really looked into to what they are about. For a small fee of $10 a month, you can be a part of this amazing community of women ( and even some men) bloggers and connect with them in your city as well as all over the US. Because of this group I have been able to connect with other Style Collective “sisters,” and partake in the growth of the blogging community here in Las Vegas.

Earlier in the month, Style Collective hosted a nation wide podcast launch called, “Becoming Fearless.” Regional leaders from all over the US got in contact with all of the Style Collective members in their area to set up a fun event to be a part of the podcast launch. During this podcast launch, Founder of Style Collective, Annie Spano, discussed how she started Style Collective and what it takes to become fearless in the pursuit of our dreams.  Nothing short of amazing and inspirational.

Here in Las Vegas, our podcast launch event was hosted at the new and revamped Sugar Factory. I had never been to a Sugar Factory so I was absolutely in love with the décor and desserts. It literally felt like something out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; over sized lollipops, color changing light up tulpis, a chocolate lounge on the second floor, and lets not forget the amazing view of the strip. We had the pleasure of enjoying some rainbow sliders; the buns were each different colors of the rainbow, and the milkshakes!!!! OMG The craziest, fun, and delicious shakes I have ever had. One had cotton candy and candy necklaces decorating it, another had a rainbow lollipop and a generous slice of cheesecake on top of it, and the other had an old fashion twinkie with edible gum drops stuck to the side of the glass with white chocolate. We had the pleasure of getting a tour from one of the managers who took us up to the Chocolate Lounge where you can get some amazing dessert cocktails while looking at the breath taking view of the Wynn waterfalls.



A girls night out would not be complete without a little swagbag. The birthday suit hooked us up! They gave us some amazing products such as charcoal and green tea under eye pads, eye masks, lace hydrating face masks, body scrubs and a cute little tote. I’m obsessed with their products and they now have a new customer (product review to come later).

Photo by Corey Bond Photography

Overall, it was a really fun experience to get to try out one of the new, trendy restaurants in town, while making new friends with ladies who have similar interests and building community; community over competition. 

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