YSL Beauty Event at Saks Fifth Ave.

YSL beauty display at Saks Fifth Ave. Las Vegas 

I recently attended a beauty event at Saks Fifth Ave for YSL. I’ve never used YSL products before, I’m only familiar with their fashion. However, YSL is know for their incredible lipsticks; lipstick wardrobe as they call it. During the event we had the change to see some new products for the season. They had just launched lipstick amplifiers, which changes the color of your lipsticks, either making them brighter, or darker. And how cute is the packaging!?


Saks knows how to throw an event. Not only was the YSL beauty display gorgeous, there was a DJ playing fun tunes, lots of samples, and gifts with purchase. The event ran from June 1-4, to preview the new beauty products. There were two gifts with purchase; a super cute clear tote bag with lips that came in three different color (free with purchase of $125 or more) and a kadima set with a purchase of $175 or more.

Gift with purchase

YSL beauty also has a top of the line skincare line. They have this amazing product called Touche éclat corrector. Its worn under and around the eyes to help with fine lines and heal broken capillaries. It also adds light to the face, like a highlighter. It can be worn on top of your daily makeup under the eye. I’ve tried it and I love it, and it smells amazing. Actually, all of their products smell great!

During the event, we had the pleasure of meeting YSL’s national make up artist Cong Liang who has been with company for 4 years. Cong was awesome, he talked to us about the new products and demoed the lipstick amplifiers. We also met Karen Merich, Account Executive, who is so knowledgeable about all the YSL products.

Cong Liang

Las Vegas bloggers w/Cong Liang and Karen Merich
This event was super fun and very informative; I am now a fan of YSL beauty products. If you haven’t tried them you definitely need to if you get the chance. And be sure to ask for Karen Merich. She is amazing and will answer any of your questions.
Anyone out there love YSL products? Which ones are your favorite? Comment below!
Peace & Love
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