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July 2017


Gypsy Mermaid in the Desert

When you were born near the ocean and love it with all your soul; living in the desert can be a struggle. However, over the last year I’ve discovered that Las Vegas has some amazing scenery outside of the city. We have some beautiful hiking trails, historical sites, parks, and venues. One of my favorite places is a little park by my house that has some interesting terrain; man-made pond, green grass, a running/biking trial, and random ...

Milk & Sass Sugar Twists; Candy For You Hair

Most days I live my life with the motto “Mermaid hair, don’t care.” However, since becoming an image consultant/stylist, its important for me to present myself in a “put together” manner. That’s why I always have my Milk & Sass Macaroon brush with me 24/7. Not only is it convenient enough to toss in your purse but it also has a mirror. I can’t remember the last time I carried or had a mirror in ...