Milk & Sass Sugar Twists; Candy For You Hair

Most days I live my life with the motto “Mermaid hair, don’t care.” However, since becoming an image consultant/stylist, its important for me to present myself in a “put together” manner. That’s why I always have my Milk & Sass Macaroon brush with me 24/7. Not only is it convenient enough to toss in your purse but it also has a mirror. I can’t remember the last time I carried or had a mirror in my purse (that explains a lot of make up flops) hahaha. And don’t even get me started on how cute it is! A little pink macaroon! Who doesn’t love macaroons!?

I was also recently introduced to Sugar Twists, which are these amazing new hair ties. They are made to tightly hold your hair in place without pulling, damaging or breaking your hair. And they wont leave a crease either! What makes these different from the others is that the shrink back down to their original size after being used. Sugar Twists come in all different fun colors like pink and purple or neutral colors like tan, beige, and clear. Bye bye old hair ties, hello Sugar Twists!
Anyone else use Sugar Twists? What’s your experience been with these or similar products?
The Bourbon Mermaid


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