Gypsy Mermaid in the Desert

When you were born near the ocean and love it with all your soul; living in the desert can be a struggle. However, over the last year I’ve discovered that Las Vegas has some amazing scenery outside of the city. We have some beautiful hiking trails, historical sites, parks, and venues. One of my favorite places is a little park by my house that has some interesting terrain; man-made pond, green grass, a running/biking trial, and random parts of the desert. So of course my photographer Casey Jade and I HAD to do a shoot here. This place as perfect for the juxtaposition was were going for. Scroll down to see some of the fun we had. Also, outfit details below!!!!!!

*****All photos taken by Casey Jade Photo*****

This beautiful statement necklace is from Mirina Collections. I recently became an Ambassador for the company and I’m in love with all of their pieces. You can find them HERE.

This dress is from Shein and comes in two other colors. It was a little shorter than expected but I received a lot of compliments on it. You can find it here or it’s for sale on my Poshmark.

I found these wedges at Nordstrom Rack about 3 years ago. They have such a summer vibe, with a bit of edge with the gold studs on the wedge. These will be a staple in my wardrobe while in Miami this month.

The Bourbonn Mermaid

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