Influencer dinner at 8oz Korean Steak House

I’m back at it again, raving about how great it is to live in this city (Las Vegas), because we have some of the BEST food in the country. I recently had the pleasure of attending at dinner hosted by 8oz Korean Steak House with my Vegas Lifestyle Influencer group. Not only was the food beyond amazing but so was their service, and the décor of the restaurant was warm and inviting but modern.

The evening started off with some very fun and unique cocktails. I had a drink called Vegas Sour which is bourbon based. Anyone that knows me knows how much I LOVE bourbon. It was mixed with lemon, sour and topped with a fruity red wine. Sounds interesting right? The showstopper was the ice cube, shaped like a skull!!!! #winning I’ll be back for this one for sure.

The first round of BBQ was beef brisket. Yaasssss! It was so good that it didn’t even any seasoning or sauces. However, there were plenty of options; spicy mayo, fried salt…yeah you heard right, fried salt, and a chili sauce. The spread was phenomenal; tofu soup, steam seasoned egg, shaved seasoned green onion, potato salad, rice, and veggies dipped in melty cheese. Oh! And I can’t forget about the kimchi pancake! It was bomb dot com!

Next came the marinated short ribs. I was in HEAVEN. I’m not sure what they used as a marinade but it was so flavorful and the meat was tender. The meat definitely did not need any sort of sauce. Lastly we had the pleasure of enjoying some wagyu beef, cooked perfectly to medium rare (growing up in Michigan, that’s the only way to eat your beef).

The BEST part about this experience, besides the food, was the fact that someone (our server) was doing the cooking for us. Thank you!!!  I love it when I don’t have to cook, or do the dishes! Ha! So if you are ever in the area and want some amazing Korean BBQ, I highly recommend 8oz Korean Steak House. They are sure to please! You can find them here.



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