Best Full Service Salon in Downtown Summerlin

G Aveda Salon & Spa Downtown Summerlin is a beautiful full service salon and spa right in downtown Summerlin. I had the pleasure of receiving a complimentary facial recently and it was divine. Definitely a service I much needed after a crazy couple of weeks here in Las Vegas.

When I arrived I was greeted by the receptionist who offered me a lovely glass of orange infused water. How’d she know that I love orange water!? I checked out some of the products that Aveda sells; had no idea they had their own makeup line. I found my absolute favorite shampoo and conditioner there as well; rosemary and mint, smells amazing and leaves your hair soft, clean, and weightless.

The ambiance of the room was warm and relaxing. The aesthetician asked if I was allergic to anything and had me describe my type of skin; currently suffering from hormonal acne and oily. She started by exfoliating my skin with a skin exfoliation brush which felt pleasantly soft, next she used a clay mask with steam to help draw out any of the impurities and dirt from my pores. While I was laying under the steam, she massaged my arms and hands. Hand massages are my FAVE, I love them almost as much as I love having my feet rubbed. She then removed the mask with a hot towel, which felt soothing and relaxing. She prepped my skin again for the next mask that was going to help with redness and inflammation in my skin from the acne. After applying the mask, she massaged my shoulders and neck. I was definitely in heaven and half asleep at this point. After the mask had set and had been whipped off, she then proceeded to put a generous amount of moisturizers on my skin. I could tell that it needed it. The last step of the facial, she rub a minty syrum on my back and then put a hot towel over it, it was so relaxing and calming that I could’ve taken a nap right there.

The overall experience at Aveda was amazing. The staff is friendly and welcoming, their products are easily available, and the service was top notch. I will be back again for another service in the near future.
If you’re looking for a relaxing facial I highly recommend getting a customized one. There is also another location out at Lake Las Vegas; G Aveda Spa Lago. You can find their locations and services HERE.


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