What is Lash Tinting?

G Aveda Salon & Spa in Downtown Summerlin has recently become one of my favorite salon and spas in the Las Vegas area. They are a full service salon and spa offering services like massages, facials, hair and lash extensions and of course the basics of a salon. Their facials are THE best I’ve ever experienced.

 I recently went to one of their events; Lash Bash. An Aveda lash artist demonstrated how lash extensions are put on, removed, and filled. I have had lash extensions a couple of times and was always curious how they were applied.

That evening Aveda offered complimentary lash tinting. I wasn’t sure exactly what lash tinting was, but I thought why not try it? So basically lash tinting is dying your lashes. All of the products Aveda uses are all natural, plant based products, even the hair dye! I had the lash specialist (Sydney) do a dark color like black, so some days I won’t have to wear mascara, cause I’m lazy!

And of course there was an awesome gift bag. I’m excited to try their new line of hair care products called invati to reduce hair loss. Stay tuned for a review!!!


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