Diner en Blanc

Diner en Blanc originated in Paris France several years ago. Now, it is a world-wide event, traveling from city to city. I had the pleasure of being invited to this years event here, in Las Vegas.

However, the location of the event isn’t revealed until 1 hour before the event starts. So we had no idea where we were going to be spending our evening. At 5:15 I received at text stating that the event was being held at Casa de Shenandoah, also known as Wayne Newton’s Estate. However, he no longer owns the estate but it is an iconic place here in Las Vegas.


Guests are required to bring their own set ups. This includes tables, chairs, linens, plates, wine glasses, table decorations and whatever else they need to have dinner. Food and wine packages can be purchased and picked up at the event after arrival.

I was very impressed with the guests at this event. They were diner en blanc professionals with all of their beautiful table settings, decorations and outfits. All quests are required to show up in white. The only other colors that are acceptable are brown, nude, silver, and gold. Thank goodness! Gold and nude are my wardrobe staple colors!

As an invited guest, I dined at the media table with other bloggers and influencers of Las Vegas. We didn’t have to bring out own set ups or pre-order food and wine. We had our own wine bar!

At 7:45 there was a “lighting ceremony” where everyone was given these fun lights to light up and cheers to the night, and this is when the dance floor opened up.


It was a night to remember. Great wine, great food, excellent company and a beautiful estate full of elegance. I’m definitely looking forward to next years event. Mostly to see where they host it because it might be hard to top Casa de Shenandoah.

Unitl next time!



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