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How to Dress For YOUR Body Type

We’ve all had those moments where we see some thing cute hanging on a hanger in a department store, or a trendy gal out to brunch, and we think  “I can totally wear that!” Then we get into the dressing room and boom! not at all what you were expecting. That oh so cute romper makes you look like a sack of potatoes. Fear not my beauties! I am here to tell you that you can wear these super cute trends but first, you must know ...

Phoenix Fashion Week: My Interview with Designer Amanda Casarez

When did you realize you wanted to be a designer?  I became interested in fashion design at a young age due to my mother. I first learned how to sew and cut from her, by the time I was in high school I could make my own gowns. I always knew I wanted to be a designer, it was just difficult trying to pursue a career in fashion design while living in a small town in the Central Valley in CA. Where do you find your inspiration for each ...

Phoenix Fashion Week Interview with Nani Swimwear Designer Marissa Barlow

This year I have the pleasure of attending Phoenix Fashion Week in Phoenix, Az. I was thrilled when they reached out to me to partner with them and perhaps in the future, I will show my designs at Phoenix Fashion Week. One perk of partnering with Phoenix Fashion Week, is that I was able to interview some amazing designers that I’ll get to see on the runway.  When I came across Nani Swimwear, an active swimwear brand that “creates ...

Style With A Cause: Charity Fashion Show

“Empowered Women Empower Women” The theme for the night at Style With A Cause. Founded by Jenna Doughton, a Las Vegas local stylist, Style With A Cause gives backs to the local community and charities. This year’s charity partner is CASA @casafoundationlv, a non-profit with the mission to support the unmet needs of children in foster care. This year’s event will feature a runway fashion show, a beauty transformation reveal, ...

The Best T-Shirt Dress You’ll Ever Own

As a Fashion designer, Personal Stylist, Blogger and Influencer, life can get busy and having an amazing and functional wardrobe is important. Functional is the key word here. I love shopping just as much as the next fashionista but sometimes I don’t have the time, or the funds for it. With that being said; having versatile  pieces are key, like a t-shirt dress. I recently found this amazing t-shirt dress that I’ve been wearing ...

What is the basic foundation of your OOTD?

Years before I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer and stylist, I read a book by Rachel Zoe called “A to Zoe” about style. One thing that stuck out t me what that she said something about how your outfit is built from the shoes you’re going to wear. After taking a moment to think about it, it was something that I naturally already did. When styling clients or helping friends decide what to wear, I always ask what shoes ...

Fashion Editorial at Casa de Shenandoah

Last year I had the pleasure of working with a few amazing ladies to create a gorgeous fashion editorial at Casa de Shenandoah. If you aren’t familiar with Casa de Shenandoah, it’s the estate that Wayne Newton used to own here in Las Vegas. The property is absolutely gorgeous and hosts many local events and weddings.  Check out the images below from the shoot.   Team Photographer: Casey Jade of Casey Jade Photo Model: Annie ...

Diner en Blanc

Diner en Blanc originated in Paris France several years ago. Now, it is a world-wide event, traveling from city to city. I had the pleasure of being invited to this years event here, in Las Vegas. However, the location of the event isn’t revealed until 1 hour before the event starts. So we had no idea where we were going to be spending our evening. At 5:15 I received at text stating that the event was being held at Casa de Shenandoah, ...

Easter OOTD Inspo

Lemon prints are hot hot hot this season! Perfect OOTD for brunch, family events, or an afternoon sipping champagne with friends. Here are some similar and affordable dupes: 1/2/3/4/5/

A-Z Fashion Terms D

D Draping. Draping is another way to draft a pattern, except muslin and a dress form are used. The draping technique is used for making the patterns for ball gowns, haute couture, or garments that are very fitted. You can actually use this technique to draft any type of pattern. Personally, I used both techniques, it just depends on what I’m designing. Below you can find some examples of draping. The images below are some of my work ...